Vodka Bar

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Leather with Acrylic two tone trim. Faux fur lining.  

This bomber hat had a legendary birth that has become shrouded in the mists of time.  Retold over and over by alcohol impaired ski reps, the story reached mythic proportions.  Screamer had invited some retailers and a couple of ski reps to product test this hat at the Red Square Bar in the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas many years ago.  The bar has a vodka tasting room lined with bottles and is kept at about 10 degrees.  Outside the bar is a headless statue of Lenin.  Inside the cold room, "Lenin's head" is encased in ice and forms a drinking table.  With everyone wearing the new bomber hats shown below, we began multiple "rounds" of testing the vodka and checking to see if the hats kept us warm.  As our breath crystalized into white vapor, this bomber was aptly named: The Vodka Bar.

We know it will always keep you warm!  Let us know how you test this hat!